Little Houses on the Black River

Little Houses on the Black River was developed to explore potentials of sustainable shelter. In need of temporary housing for designers, scholars and visitors, the House of Design (Formens Hus) sponsored a proposal to design and construct seasonal dwellings on a former industrial railway bridge over the Black River.

Little Houses on Black River is an award-winning design collaboration among Parsons, St. Etienne School of Art and Design in France, and the Konstfack University College of Arts, Craft and Design in Stockholm. Also called ‘friggebod’ or a Swedish shed, it has about a total area of 15 square meters  and composed of 3-pieces, 2 of which was built with wheels that can be moved back and forth on an old railway bridge. Teams from Parsons and St. Etienne each developed one mobile sleeping/resting car, while Konstfack students design products for everyday use.

Before the project was taken to Sweden, the Parsons unit was on display at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York City in May 2006, where it received the Editors’ Choice Award for Best Design School Entry. This project was sponsored by the Formens Hus, IKEA, Danfo and local manufacturers. Also featured in books Tiny Houses, and Spacecraft as well as the journals C3, Metropolis, Mark Magazine, Azure, surface, and Metropolitan Home.

Furniture, Interior, Product, Space Design